AFC Leopards’ chairman, Dan Shikanda, has attributed the team’s struggles to the Technical Committee for off-season recruitment.

Despite outsourcing this committee for transfer decisions, the team has only secured one win in 14 matches while drawing 8 matches which leaves them with 11 points thus they occupy 15th position in FKFPL Table Standings.

Shikanda has criticized the committee for favoring players from Nzoia Sugar based on their league performance last season and ethnicity.

“The so-called Committee took control of the transfer business and went ahead to recruit many players from Nzoia Sugar just because they finished ahead of us in the league and because they are Luhyas.

In football, a good player is a good player regardless of his background. But the blame is now squarely on the chairman. He is the one being pressured to resign,It’s a big mess we’re in, but we are working hard to come out of it.”


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