Football is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in the world, with millions of fans worldwide. The sport’s emotions, excitement, highs, and lows make it a treasure.

In the 20th Century, to be precise- in 1926.  The British Colonial Government introduced football in Kenya. This has to be the most indelible mark that the Colonial administration left in the country.

The sport was well received by the Kenyans which made the sport grow at a rapid rate.

Here is the history of Kenyan football;

In the ’40s Kenya already had a national team and was already playing in the Gossage Cup. This was a tournament that pitted the East African teams. Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika (Tanzania), and Zanzibar. This tournament was sponsored by the Soap- Manufacturing Company called Gossage hence the name.

In this era Kenya had legends like; Shem Chimoto- an AFC Leopard legend, Elijah Lidonde- who played for the Kenya national football team and AFC Leopards, and Peter Oronge- one of the best football players in his era.

These players carried the country on their backs winning the Gossage Cup 11 times, four less than the record champions Uganda (15). The Gossage Cup which started in 1926 ended in 1966 and was then renamed Challenge Cup until 1971.

In the country, football teams took part in the Remington Cup which was heavily dominated by teams from the coast province- Mwenge and Feisal.


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