Being a manager at a historic club like AFC Leopards comes with its fair share of pressure from the board and the fans. Tom Juma- AFC Leopards head coach is certainly feeling the pressure.

With three FKF-PL rounds done and dusted, the gaffer has yet to register a win put aside even scoring a goal.

This has made the fans to call for his head. They want the man gone before dawn!

However, this time round the board has decided to side with Tom Juma as they believe he will turn things around.

Tom Juma took over from Patrick Aussems in July but things have not gone as expected.

In a statement released by the club’s management, AFC Leopards made their position unequivocally clear.

“The management of the Club is pleased to announce its unwavering confidence in the leadership of the technical bench, headed by Mr. Tom Juma. The club remains committed to achieving its goals and aspirations, and we trust that the technical bench is well-equipped to guide us toward victory,”

“Tom Juma and his team have been working tirelessly to prepare the squad for success this season. Their dedication and expertise are instrumental in achieving our goals, and we anticipate excellent results in the matches to come.” The statement read.

The board has turned to the fans and pleaded with them to give the manager some more time.

“We call upon our dedicated fans to remain optimistic and continue supporting the team passionately. Your unwavering support is the driving force behind our success, and together, we can achieve greatness and make this season one to remember.”


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