Yeah! The World Athletics Championships are over, but some moments captured in the spectacle are still alive and kicking. One incredible global event moment has to be when USA’s sprinter Sha’Carri Richardson was crowned the fastest woman on the planet.

She won the 100-meter final dash clocking a fast time of 10.65s which was fast enough to smash the Championship record (10.67), which was set last year by this year’s bronze medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce.

Huge expectations were laid on the 22-year-old, and having held her nerves to pull what is a tall order- winning the 100 meters, has to be applauded.

Speaking with NBCSports, Richardson pointed out that it was her self-belief that made the feat possible.

“I feel like I’ve earned the respect for myself. That’s the biggest thing for me now, for Sha’Carri Richardson.

“I’ve put that respect on me for me. I’ve been downplaying myself for so long, and this entire season I know I belong, I know I deserve to be here, and it just feels amazing to execute that as well.” She said.


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