Bayern Munich after drawing Arsenal in the quarter-final of UEFA Champions League, the Bundesliga champions will have to play their away match without fans at the Emirates stadium.

This comes after UEFA confirmed that Arsenal can sell tickets across the entire Emirates Stadium in their first leg match against Bayern Munich.

The Bundesliga champions have accepted UEFA sanctions for their fans who used pyrotechnics in Italy during their last-16 tie last month against Lazio.

The Bundesliga side have received a ban because they were initially handed a suspension sentence by UEFA for the use of pyrotechnics during a match against FC Copenhagen in the group stage.

It is not yet clear whether Arsenal will decide to sell those tickets, but Mikel Arteta is very determined into making the Emirates as much of a fortress as possible.

This has been witnessed in his rallying cries before the Porto game and the club’s pre-match strategies to build the atmosphere inside the stadium.

The away allocation at Arsenal tends to be near 3,000, so that will be the rough amount of supporters who could benefit from Bayern Munich’s sanction.


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