The English international defender is expected to be out of action for four months after his surgery in Finland.He was injured after he went out early in the Premier League encounter with Everton two weeks ago.The Chelsea captain has been struggling with injuries after he was previously sidelined for two months after only playing one game against Liverpool at the start of the season.

He underwent a Hamstring surgery in Finland where Sakari Orvara and Lassi Lempainen are regarded as leading specialists.James took his time in deciding to undergo surgery , but the hope is that the procedure will solve the issue once and for all.

Reece has received massive support from his teammates and former players wishing him quicky recovery,but also he said that he has been highly critised for his injuries.

“Since this injury I’ve had a good amount of support but significantly more hate and negativity. Believe me I don’t wanna be injured, I’m happiest when I’m playing football,Thanks to the understanding people that support me despite the highs or the lows, it goes a long way.”Said Reece James


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