Chelsea co-owner Todd Boehly has broken his silence regarding the situation at the club.

The London-based club has not been at its best since the American owners, led by Todd Boehly, took over the club.Led by Mauricio Pochettino, who took over at the beginning of this season, Chelsea have been performing poorly and are currently in 10th place with nothing to fight for in the Premier League.

Speaking to Forbes, Boehly said they will keep the course of the project: “We just need to let the process develop and give our squad the time to go from being unbelievable individual players with great skills to folding into a team.” We just have to continue to stay on course,” he said.

He also added that people care too much about the results at Chelsea. “The good news is that people care so much. And the bad news is people care so much!”. That leads to times when they’re frustrated with the team and the owners. “I get that, but we just have to continue to stay the course.” He concluded.


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