English Premier League side Everton have leapfrogged Nottingham Forest and Brentford in the Premier League table after the Premier League’s appeals board reduced their 10-point deduction to six, giving them four back.

The Toffees were docked 10 points for breaking spending rules in a period ending 2021-22, after out-spending the allowed £105million losses by £19.5m.

But Everton have insisted they had mitigating factors which should be taken into account. Those included what losses were permissible, such as stadium costs, loss of investment due to the Russian war and also Covid-related downfalls.

The appeal board said they had made their decision after ruling that the commission made ‘legal errors’ on two of the nine grounds brought up by Everton over their Premier League sanctions.

The reduction means Everton move up to 15th in the standings with 25 points, moving above Nottingham forest and Brentford and also away from relegation zone.

Everton have released a statement saying that they are satisfied with the outcome and insisted it felt vindicated in their move to pursue an appeal.

“While the Club is still digesting the Appeal Board’s decision, we are satisfied our appeal has resulted in a reduction in the points sanction.

Everton can confirm an Appeal Board has concluded that the points deduction imposed by an independent Premier League Commission in November be reduced from 10 points to six points, with immediate effect.

We understand the Appeal Board considered the 10-point deduction originally imposed to be inappropriate when assessed against the available benchmarks.

Which the Club made the Commission aware, including the position under the relevant EFL regulations, and the 9-point deduction that is imposed under the Premier League’s own rules in the event of insolvency.”


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