Ferdinand Omanyala- the reigning Africa 100-meter champion, is set to compromise his chances of defending the 100-meter crown in the Africa Senior Championships, to focus on the main event- the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Since having a shake-up in his coaching department, Omanyala has been doing things differently this season with his main focus being the Olympics where he hopes to be at his peak.

Speaking after the Atlanta City games where he was runners-up to Akani Simbine, Omanyala disclosed that he hopes to make history in the Olympics.

“It’s completely different, the training sessions are different, the approach to the races are different, so everything is quite different and it’s just a matter of getting better in every race, I’ll pass the African Championships this year with the main focus on the Paris Olympic Games.” He disclosed.

This weekend, he will be in action at the Prefontaine Classic, hoping to get swifter as Paris nears.

“Let’s not talk about Paris now because we still have so many races to go before we get there.” He added


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