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After the formation of the National team- which did pretty well in the Gossage Cup tournament, it became evident that not all players could fit into the National team; local leagues had to be formed to quench this demand.

It was in the 1960s that steps toward realizing this dream started getting in motion. Kenya Football Federation was formed as the foundation to create local leagues.

However, things were not as seamless as planned. In a meeting held in Railways club- Nairobi, attended by football leaders. Which was chaired by Isaac Lugonzo, Tony Pinto as the secretary, Jimmy McFarnell, and Williams Ngaah as the other officials, came under a lot of mooting from the defunct Football Association of Kenya. The league conception had to wait.

The league was finally created through persistence in April 1963, when ten clubs joined. The ten teams included; seven from Nairobi, two from the coast, and one from the Rift Valley.

Nairobi: Luo Union, Maragoli United, Marama, Nairobi Heroes, Bunyore, Kakamega, and Samia Union.

Coast: Liverpool (Mwenge), and Feisal.

Rift Valley: Nakuru ALL-STARS.

How did the inaugural league kick-off and what were the key and historic events that happened? Catch all this on the next Episode.


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