Kenya must deliver in Budapest’s upcoming World Championships slated from August 19, 2023, says former 400-meter Commonwealth champion Charles Asati.

He believes the athletes have everything at their disposal to make them ready to scramble for the coveted medals.

“Athletes today are motivated, they are paid well so they should produce more. If we had got the same when we were running, it would have been more medals for Kenya,” the 1970 Commonwealth Games 400m champion said in an interview with Pulse.

Kenya has been performing well in the World Championships throughout the years and believes it will not be different this time.

He believes that during their era, if similar privileges were at their disposal they would be immortal in the Championships.

“We were amateurs, we did not receive any money. All we received were promises like when we returned from the 1968 Mexico Olympics, the late President Jomo Kenyatta promised all of us a piece of land but just three people got it. Now, we have to rely on small donations from government but those running today are well remunerated.” He added.


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