Draymong Green and Klay Thompson were both ejected in the Golden State Warriors 104-101 loss to the Minesota Timberwolves.

Things escalated early in the game after Klay Thompson and McDaniels were involved in a schuffle in the opening minutes. In the aftermath of the whole incident, Draymond Green was assessed with a flagrant 2 after he appeared to choke Rudy Gobert. Klay Thompson and McDaniels were also ejected after both were given two technicals.

Speaking after the game, Rudy Gobert accused Raymond Green of not wanting to play when Curry was not playing. “Every time Steph doesn’t play, Green doesn’t want to play without his guy Steph, so he does anything he can to get ejected,” Gobert said after the game. “My first thought was just, ‘I’m not going to fight. I need to be in this game to help my team, he said.


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