The NBA regular season concluded yesterday night after 82 games played by every team.

In the Western Conference, the OKC Thunder clinched the number one seed, the Denver Nuggets got the number two seed, and the Minnesota Timberwolves clinched the number three seed. The Los Angeles Clippers secured the number-four seed, while the Dallas Mavericks sealed the top-five seed. The Phoenix Suns clinched the final spot in the number six spot, as all the teams in the top six qualify automatically for the playoffs. The Pelicans and Lakers will play in the same tournament as the Sacramento Kings, who will face the Golden State Warriors.

In the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics clinched the number-one spot and were also the team with the best NBA record. The Knicks clinched the number-two seed as the Bucks were third. The Cleveland Cavailers were the fourth seed, while the Orlando Margic finished in the in the top five seed.The Indiana Pacers clinched the sixth seed. The Miami Heat and the Sixers will play in the same tournament as the Chicago Bulls and the Hawks.


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