Regarding the all-time track and field greats, David Rudisha must be on everyone’s lips. He had mastered the craft of winning the 800-meter event with panache. He is currently the World Record holder in the event after running in the most iconic moment in Athletics history.

He ran on August 9, 2012, at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he tapped 1:40.91 becoming the first and the only athlete to run sub 1:41 seconds.

Speaking with Citius Mag, he expressed the secret to becoming dominant in the two-lap event. He revealed that mastering a specific style is the key to becoming a powerhouse in the event.

“The way guys are running the 800m now shows that it’s wide open and anyone can win. No one has really dominated by winning and being consistent. Their running styles are also wanting because sometimes you see an athlete running from the front, sometimes from the middle, and sometimes from behind and it’s confusing.

“800m is one of the races where you really have to master your running style and you have to put everything in place right from the training,” Rudisha pointed out.


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