November 29, 2023
Benzema and Didier Deschamps

Real Madrid and former France forward Karim Benzema has hit out at France boss Didier Deschamps over his remarks regarding his injury during the world cup.

In a dramatic event at the World Cup for France, Karim Benzema was ruled out of the tournament with an injury, but reports came out later that the injury was not serious.

Speaking on the incident, France head coach Didier Deschamps said, “When Karim injured himself, our team doctor went with him to the Aspetar clinic to undergo an MRI scan.” We stayed together for about twenty minutes. As I was leaving, I told him, “Karim, there’s no rush; you can organize your return with the team manager.” When I woke up, I found out he had left. “That’s his decision; he won’t say otherwise; I understand and respect it,” he said.

Taking to his Instagram page, Karim Benzema posted a video of a man saying, “Liar! Yes, you, liar. You lie.  “You’re a great liar!” In the caption, he further mocked the coach by writing “Sacred Didier.”

After the incident, Karim Benzema announced that he would not be returning to the France national team after retirement.


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