The Phoenix Suns defeated the Golden State Warriors 123–115 in the NBA on Wednesday morning.

Kevin Durant scored a game-high 31 points against his former side, and he also moved up to 11th all-time in total points. Devin Booker added 25 points, including two three-pointers.Erick Gordon added nine points as the Suns came out victorious.

For the Warriors, Kay Thompson scored 23 points in 24 minutes, while Steph Curry scored 16 points in the loss. Chris Paul was also ejected from the game in the second half of the game.

Speaking after moving up in total points,Durant said it was an honor. “Being amongst the all-time greats—the guys who set the standard and made the NBA what it is today—is an honor. It’s pretty cool, and I just have to keep going.” He said.


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