Kylian Mbappe

Kylian Mbappe yesterday criticized PSG for using him in promoting season tickets.

He agreed to a new contract in 2022, and the Ligue 1 winners who are currently in office are hopeful that he will stay in Paris for a very long time. Mbappe is dismayed to see that he is featured so extensively in content meant to entice fans to subscribe for the upcoming season.

Taking to his Instagram page,Kylian Mbappe was annoyed by the incident and wrote “I just took part in the viewing of the club’s re-subscription campaign for the 23-24 season. At no time was I informed of the content of the interview. It looked like a basic interview during a club marketing day. I don’t agree with this published video. That’s why I’m fighting for the right to an individual image. PSG is a big club and a big family, but it is especially not Kylian Saint-Germain.” He wrote.

It is still not clear how much longer their three stars will stick around, with Lionel Messi being rumored to return to Barcelona while Neymar is still unsettled.


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