December 8, 2023

Kylian Mbappe is at the front pages again. In France, he almost never comes off anyway, but now, he is the main story all over again. And for the same reason as always – his stay in PSG.

The Ligue 1 top scorer has caused turmoil at in Paris after informing the French champions that he has no intention of activating his contract extension option. As reported by the respected L’Equipe, Mbappe sent an official letter to the club leaders on Monday evening, informing them that he will not use the option to extend the cooperation for another season.

Last summer, Paris Saint-Germain managed to convince the 24-year-old attacker not to go to Real Madrid and stay in his hometown for at least two more years, until the summer of 2024.

They believed in the club that they had bought themselves time, that in the meantime the club would grow to Mbappe’s heart… But they didn’t learn anything.

Mbappe stayed after enormous pressure from the Qatari owners, but most importantly from French authorities (current and former French presidents), which sometimes looked like a mild form of blackmail, and the huge amount of money helped too, but now it seems that this is the end.

PSG was not competitive at all, they failed to win the Champions League (again), they were not even close, the title was won (as always), but they were defeated in the Cup, Christophe Galtier is not a top coach…they promised to build the team around him, but failed.

Truth to be told, it’s not easy to do that in just one season…He recently pledged himself to the club, but emphasized that he has another year of his contract, not revealing if he will extend it.

Let’s remind you that he managed to negotiate an option that only he, and not the club, can trigger one-year extension, and according to L’Equipe, he won’t do so.

PSG idea was to convince Mbappe to extend his contract with the club during the summer, but as the Frenchman informed them that they are not even thinking about it.

So, in this new light, PSG are seriously thinking of selling him, since they are risking losing him next year as a free agent. And it’s obvious that Mbappe only wants to move to one club – Real Madrid.

And that wouldn’t be a problem, since the Royal club has the money and is of a sudden need for a top striker, since Karim Benzema suddenly left the club in June.

But….Real is already contemplating Harry Kane and Kai Havertz, and what’s worst for the Frenchman, they are reluctant to give a penny to PSG, after they were humiliated last season in their attempt to lure Mbappe.

At least that’s what Spanish Marca wrote a few months back. The Real executives pointed out that PSG forward can only come to Madrid as a free agent. But, with Benzema’s sudden departure, maybe they will change their mind. So far, nobody knows the outcome…


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