The heavy-hitter Philippine boxer Manny Pacquiao has been restricted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) not to participate in the upcoming Paris Olympics set to be held from July 26 to August 11.
This was because of the age limit imposed by the IOC in the Olympics. Back in 2013, the IOC increased the age limit for a boxer to participate in the Olympics from 34 to 40 years. Pacquiao did not meet this yardstick as he is 45 years old.
Late last year, the Philippine boxer appealed to the IOC to participate in the Olympics via the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) under the Universality rule- This rule grants special slots to underrepresented countries.
However, on Feb 20, 2024, the POC released a statement lamenting over what they termed as a failed appeal.
“Too bad our beloved boxing icon is disqualified because of his age and that everyone needs to go through qualifiers, in all sports, to be able to participate in Paris,” said POC President Abraham Tolentino.
In their response, the IOC revealed that Pacquiao failed to earn a slot under the Universality rule as will not be applied to National Olympic Committees that had over eight athletes in individual sports/disciplines in the last two editions of the Olympic Games (Rio and Tokyo). The Philippines had 17 athletes in the Tokyo Olympics, all competing in individual sports hence the failure to get the special slot.
After the verdict, Pacquiao admitted to respect the ruling.
“I respect the decision of the IOC regarding my request to compete in the 2024 Paris Olympics,” Pacquiao said in his statement. “While I am very saddened and disappointed, I understand and accept the age limit rules.” He said.


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