The Football of Kenya Federation (FKF) has today unveiled Azam Media Limited as FKF’s official broadcast partner.

The broadcasting deal will be a seven-year deal worth 148 Million Kshs annually with a 10% increment after every year- which is equivalent to 14.8 Million Kshs.

This is a milestone for Kenyan football- Financially and in popularity. The FKF Premier League last had a broadcaster two years ago before Star Times bolted.

The FKF matches will be aired on Azam Channel Four which has made the FKF president Nick Mwendwa request Kenyans to buy Azam TV decoders or subscribe to a monthly payment via the Azam TV Max Application which is available on Play Store.

“We have signed a seven-year deal with Azam, and I want to thank them for agreeing to return to the Kenyan league. The deal is worth 1 million USD (KES 145,400,000), and it will increase by 100,000 USD (just over KES 14 million) every year. I believe Kenyan football is heading in the right direction, and things will get better,” FKF president Nick Mwendwa said.

Azam’s chief operation officer had this to say:

“To us, this is a big milestone as Azam Media. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary since we started, and we are now back in Kenya to air the league. It is a great honor to sign this deal with FKF. We will air matches in HD, and our customers can watch the games through our decoders and mobile apps. We are bringing the quality that you have been seeing in Tanzania.”


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