FKF premier league defending champions Gor Mahia has been banned from signing new players both locally and internationally, this comes after Gor Mahia failed to honor the directives issued by FIFA.

Gor Mahia in August 2021, signed the Malian goalkeeper Adama Keita on a controversial two-year deal. Despite opposition from a majority of the club’s online supporters, the club proceeded with the recruitment.

The Malian goalkeeper Keita featured in several games before encountering payment issues, leading to a rift with the club.

In May 2022, Keita filed a complaint against Gor Mahia with FIFA’s Disputes Resolution Chamber, alleging a breach of contract due to unpaid wages for several months.

The time while Gor Mahia was facing financial difficulties without a sponsor, struggled to meet its financial obligations.

In July 2022, Keita terminated his contract with Gor Mahia, claiming a breach of contract on the club’s part. He escalated the matter to FIFA’s DRC, seeking additional compensation from the Kenyan champions.

In November 2022, FIFA’s Disputes Resolution Chamber ruled in favor of Keita, awarding him $30,544 (equivalent to 4.3 million Kenyan Shillings at the time) in compensation, including 5% interest.

Gor Mahia was given 45 days to pay Keita, failing which they would face a transfer ban.Unable to meet the deadline, Gor Mahia incurred a transfer ban as a consequence of their failure to pay Keita.

In March 2023, both parties agreed to a payment plan, resulting in the lifting of Gor Mahia’s transfer ban. The club paid Keita $16,000 and committed to clearing the remaining $14,544 by April 30, 2023.

However, the payment plan included a punitive clause stating that if Gor Mahia failed to pay the balance by the specified date, a penalty of $15,272, equivalent to 50% of the principal amount, would be applied.

On April 30, 2023, Gor Mahia defaulted on the payment, prompting Keita to return to FIFA seeking the remaining amount plus the penalty, totaling $29,816.Efforts to negotiate another payment plan with Keita in July proved unsuccessful, as he insisted on receiving the full amount in one installment, including the penalty, despite having received the remaining $14,544 outside the stipulated timeframe.

In January 2024, FIFA directed Gor Mahia to pay Keita $2,618 in accrued interest and a contractual penalty of $15,272 within 45 days, warning of another transfer ban in case of failure.

As of February 2024, Gor Mahia has been banned from signing players both locally and internationally due to their failure to comply with FIFA’s directives.


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