Zambia is set to embark on a new era of football officiating as it introduces Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology for the first time.

Zambia becomes only the third African Nation to put into use the technology when FC MUZA play Forest Rangers Football Club in the 2023 ABSA Cup final at Woodlands Stadium.

This groundbreaking development signifies a significant step forward in enhancing the accuracy and fairness of decisions on the field.

With retired FIFA referee Janny Sikazwe, a prominent figure in the early stages of VAR implementation, offering his expertise.

Zambia is well-equipped to ensure a successful integration of this game-changing technology.

The certification of the VAR pilot project by CAF and FIFA further validates Zambia’s commitment to adopting modern officiating methods and elevating the quality of football in the country.

This landmark in Zambian football occasion will see Zambian retired fifa referee Janny Sikazwe who was among the pioneering officials for VAR under FIFA join country mate Diana Chikotesha, a rising star and participant in the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup, team up with Ghanaian referee Daniel Laryea as they take charge of VAR duties.


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