Premier League football at Kenilworth Road! Luton write history via penalties at Coventry’s expense From fifth tier in England to the most expensive national championship in the world. Although they were separated by 10 points in the Championship standings in favor of Luton, the Hatters and Coventry played a draw all three times this season.

And every time Luton had the lead. First, they led twice at their own stadium in September’s 2-2 draw, then from the first minute in February’s away game (1-1), and then in the most important ever duel between these two clubs – the final of the playoffs for placement in the Premier League.

And again, Coventry managed to equalize the score to 1-1.That’s how the whole season, after 46 championship games, and three more in the playoffs and an additional half-hour in extra time, ended in a penalty shootout.

And Luton footballers were more successful! All six chosen for the Hatters shot accurately.Five Coventry footballers were also successful, but not Fankaty Dabo.

The former Chelsea pupil sent the ball far into the stands and Luton into the Premier League. Nine years ago, they played in the fifth tier, and now they have qualified for the most expensive, and probably the strongest, national league competition in the world.

The biggest credit for that goes to 40-year-old Welshman Rob Edwards. The former Aston Villa pupil, who spent most of his career playing for Wolverhampton and Blackpool, is doing a great job on the Luton bench.

The young coach managed to lead Luton to the Championship playoffs last season, but then Huddersfield were more successful.

This time there was no obstacle. First, the favored Sunderland were beaten, after losing in the first match (1-2, then 2:0), and now Coventry as well.

Luton have no big names in their squad, it is a club with a very modest budget for transfers and player salaries, but once again the boys Edwards is counting on have shown that they have a big heart.

They were not disturbed by the unpleasant detail that happened in the opening minutes of the match when Luton captain Tom Lokyer fainted on the field.

For sure, it was not easy for his teammates to continue the game, but as if it was more of a motive for them to show what they can do.

They took the lead in the 23rd minute with a goal by Jordan Clark after a great breakthrough by Elijah Adebayo.

Just five minutes later, he could have been one of the scorers, but he shot wide of the goal from a short position.

Then, in the 41st minute, the 25-year-old Fulham native managed to shake the net, however, using his hand, the goal was disallowed.

In the break between the two halves, Luton players were informed that Burke’s condition had improved and that he had started communicating with the doctors.

They got rid of one psychological burden, but as time went on, another appeared – the knowledge that they were very close to the Premier League.

Coventry took advantage of a lapse in concentration by their rivals to equalize in the 66th minute. Gustavo Hamer finished the counterattack on the left side with a precise shot.

However, for the 20th time this season, Coventry failed to turn things around after losing.

It is the only team in the Championship that has not made such a feat at least once. If you don’t count penalties, this was their eighth draw.

But, unfortunately for them, penalties can be very important in the playoff final…Next season, the Premier League will be played in Luton, at the lovely Kenilworth Road with a capacity slightly larger than 10,000 seats.


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