Ferdinand Omanyala has urged fans to turn out for the upcoming edition of the Kip Keino Classic at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani on Saturday.

All is set for the Kip keino Classic, which will host athletes who will be competing for different countries. Global 100m silver medalist Marvin Bracy of the United States, Canadian 4x100m relay champion Jerome Blake, and American world 100m silver medalist Kenneth Bednarek will all go against Ferdinand Omanyala during the weekend.

Speaking ahead of the event, Ferdinand Omanyala has promised fans a show. “This year, we want to break records because it is that year in which we want to hit hard. Later on, we are going for the world title, so we have to start the journey at home. Come watch it live on the stands. When I promise a show, I always give it. So, I welcome the rest of the world to come and compete with me, and for you (the fans), I want to give you a show,” he said.


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