Former rugby player Alex Olaba has been sentenced to six years in prison by a magistrate court.

Olaba was sentenced to prison after it was discovered that he had planned the murder of crucial witnesses for the prosecution in his rape case.

He refuted accusations of planning to kill a crucial witness in his rape trial in May 2021. Francis Andayi, the chief magistrate, claimed that he and the other magistrate overseeing his gang-rape case would reach opposite conclusions, which could result in double jeopardy.

Olaba is accused of committing a gang rape offense in 2018 at a residence in the Highrise neighborhood.

In his ruling, Francis Adanyi said, “Although the accused person is remorseful, the offenses he faces are serious. I convict and sentence him to serve six years on count one of conspiracy to kill and two years on count two of interference with the judicial process. The sentences will run concurrently,” the magistrate said.


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