Stephen Curry

The Golden State Warriors were beaten by the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA despite Stephen Curry’s 50-point game on Thursday morning.

The Warriors have not had a good season and are currently on an 8-game losing streak away from home. During the game against the Clippers, Curry led the team in scoring with 50 points as he shot 20–28 from the floor, including eight 3-pointers. Jordan Poole added 19 points, including three three-pointers, while Klay Thompson also added 15 points.

For the Clippers, Kahwi Leonard scored 30 points in the win while Paul George added 24 points, including the dagger 3-pointer. The Warriors dropped to 36–34, while the Clippers improved to 37–33 for the season.

Speaking after the game, Clippers star Kahwi Leonard said Warriors guard Curry brings the best out of everyone on the floor. “Yeah, I mean, you already know what he can do,” .”He brings the best out of everyone on the floor. You have to stay tuned into his game and locked in at all times. Because for one second, you’re not thinking about him. He’s going to come and make shots. So, yeah, it was great to see him back out there. It was fun.” He said.


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