Shujaa(red) in action

At the sixth round of the World Rugby Sevens Circuit, which is planned for February 25–26 in Los Angeles, USA, the national rugby sevens team, “Shujaa,” has been placed in group C.

In order to move up the rankings one spot, Shujaa will compete against Fiji, Australia, and Japan.

Kenya earned five points from the Sydney Leg last weekend after making it to the ninth-place semifinal, where they fell to Tonga 26-24 in a close match. Kenya lost to South Africa and New Zealand in the group rounds before defeating Uruguay.

With 21 points, Kenya is ranked 12th overall on the tour. South Africa is in second place with 76 points, followed by Samoa with 68 points, and New Zealand is in first place with 85 points.
The pools are as follows;
A: USA, Chile, New Zealand and Samoa
B : Uruguay, Canada, South Africa and Ireland
C: Kenya, Japan, Fiji and Australia
D: Spain, Argentina, Grear Britain and France.


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