When somebody’s transfer value is 35 million euros and he gets a transfer to Manchester United for around 100 million, expectations will be high, especially if you are a forward player.

But, when your stats record show only 47 games and 10 goals in all competition (along with 5 assists), people will criticize. And that was Antony’s first season at Old Trafford and the last thing the Brazilian wanted ahead of his second (and hopefully breakout season) was additional attention

But he got it nevertheless, and if the accusations are true, he only has himself to blame: his ex girlfriend accused him of domestic violence.

The news were reported by ESPN and they state that Gabriela Cavallin filed a police report against the Brazilian player from Manchester United, last Monday for domestic violence, bodily injury and threat.

The case was registered at the 5th Women’s Police Station in Sao Paulo and so far, Manchester United and the player both declined to comment.

Cavallin, a DJ and digital influencer, told the police that she was in a relationship with Antony for almost two years and lived with him while he was playing in Ajax and now for United.

She reported attacks by the Brazilian and the first happened in July 2022, when he broke with him in a night club in Sao Paolo. He then pulled her by her arm and hair and pushed her into a car, with the help of the security.

But, she continued to date Antony again in August and moved with him, but the new attack happened, this time in January 2023, due to Antony’s jealousy.

Two more attacks followed, and Cavallin also claimed she was injured in one of them by the glass which Antony broke, but her phone was smashed by the player also, so that she wouldn’t ask for help.

She even stated her friend as a witness in one of those attacks, but also Antony’s mother. The Brazilian DJ fears for her life, as he apparently told her in May this year, when he came to Brazil, that he would ‘kill her’ if he sees her with somebody else.

Cavallin informed the police of the athlete’s fear of having access to a firearm due to his financial condition and also because he “still has many friends in the community where he was born”.

Since the 28th of May, Cavallin claims to have had no further contact with the player.


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