December 8, 2023

Since the 2023-24 FKF-PL season got underway, AFC Leopards has been the talk of the town in a negative and ‘pitiful’ way.

The 12-time FKF-PL champions have become a shell of their glory days. The FKF-PL outfit has failed to register a single win in their seven matches played so far. You might even throw the Mashujaa Cup in the mix, where they also lost to ZOO Kericho FC.

There are multiple reasons as to why the historic club is in the trenches right now. Some argue it is the porous nature of the club’s hierarchy, others debate that it is the chopping and changing of the managerial position while others believe the squad is made up of new players who barely know each other.

Currently, the 1999 KPL champions are sitting 17th on the log, having accumulated four points, sitting ahead of Sofapaka due to a superior goal- -difference.

This dire and shambolic state of the club has forced the fans to rumble, to the extent of sending harmful threats to the players let alone reducing their means of transport- the bus, into ashes.

The newly appointed head coach Tomas Trucha has had to intervene and defend the players, pleading with the mammoth fan- base to show support to the team at this particular bad tide blowing towards the club.

“Dear AFC Leopards supporter,

Give players love and support like you are giving to your beloved children, as you all know the bad times they have gone through.

I saw players working hard all week to be part of a team for the Mombasa trip. All the players are trying their best to absorb all the new information and instructions in the shortest time possible. Every player used in the Bandari match fought for the team, and players who sat on the bench gave full support.

To see some fans attacking their players verbally and almost getting physical even though they gave their best is hurtful. All this happened even before the match.”

“We all know what happened before the start of the season. Many players were signed at the last moment, the team was almost new, the previous coach left, and many more changes happened. Now we need to support each other and help the club and players when it’s most needed.

I came back to AFC because it’s time to help, and I know we will push our players to win the games, but for now, we should all stay together and support each other. Negativity, threats, attacks, doubts, and insults will never help our Ingwe family come back to its glory days.

Let’s rally behind the team with love; better days are coming.” Truca said.


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