Phi Jones has penned an emotional statement ahead of his Manchester United departure this coming summer.

The England defender joined Manchester United back in 2011, during Sir Alex Ferguson’s time, and went on to win one Premier League title. Injuries have prevented him from playing as much as he would have liked, which prevented him from playing for United.

Phil Jones Put out a statement confirming his departure. “It’s been very difficult the last couple of years. There’s no denying that. There is no hiding from that. ” My family has been absolutely instrumental in keeping me on the straight and narrow and keeping me focused on trying to get fit and play more. “That was a huge, huge moment in my career, and the fans that day were incredible. The love that they showed me for that game, the passion that they showed, was sensational,” and I can’t thank them enough for that. They’ve been a constant support throughout my time here.” He said.

He has been one of the longest-serving Manchester United players to play for the club.


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