Philadelphia star and reigning MVP Joel Embiid has chosen to represent Team USA at the Olympics.

Embiid had a tough choice to make between playing for France, Cameroon, and the USA. The reigning MVP is now ready to join forces for Team USA once the season concludes.

The dedication of Embiid demonstrates that Team USA is making headway in luring some of the NBA’s greatest talents to its cause. LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Kevin Durant are a few of the other superstars who are considering teaming up at the Olympics in 2016.

Taking to his X page to announce the decision, Embiid tweeted, “I’m really proud and excited about this decision. It was not easy. I am blessed to call Cameroon, France, and the USA home. After talking to my family, I knew it had to be Team USA. I want to play with my brothers in the league.” He said.


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