Nick Mwendwa, FKF president, has caused shock waves in the football fraternity after claiming there will be no Prizes, titles, or anything of appreciation gesture to the title winners at the end of the season.

Speaking with Standard Sports, the FKF boss has regretted that this season was a litmus test after the football league survived the claws of FIFA suspension hence financial instability.

There’s no money and we won’t reward the league champions this season. We will not have any prize giving, where is the money going to come from? This was just a rescue season. We might want to try and even have a gala, but we don’t have the statistics and a committee in place that should have been following players’ performance,” Mwendwa told Standard Sports.

However, the winner will have a chance to represent the country in the CAF Champions League next season.

In addition, according to Mwendwa, next season will be glamorous since the league will broadcast the matches on top of securing lucrative sponsorship deals.

But we are packaging something big for the new campaign and these clubs will smile throughout the season. I can’t give the details right now. Our season will officially run between August and May with broadcasting and sponsorship deals as well as club licensing. I’m not worried and I actually think this was a blessing in disguise because we all know now what we need to do,” he added.


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