Russell Westbrook

Rusell Westbrook has agreed to a deal to return to Los Angeles, but this time with the Clippers.

During the January trade deadline, the Los Angeles Lakers traded Rusell Westbrook to the Utah Jazz. Westbrook and the Utah Jazz, on the other hand, agreed to complete the buyout on the remaining $47 million owed on his expiring contract. Westbrook’s time at the Lakers has not been successful, as last season he joined the Lakers in an effort to join forces with Lebron James and Antony Davis, but they eventually missed the playoffs.

Paul George, who plays for the Clippers, had earlier expressed interest in reuniting with his former OKC teammate, Westbrook. According to Woj, who is a senior reporter for ESPN, Westbrook has agreed to a deal to join forces with the Clippers. The Western Conference is now star-struck, especially after Brooklyn Nets duo Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the Phoenix Suns and Dallas Mavericks, respectively.

The Los Angeles Clippers are currently in fourth place, while the Los Angeles Lakers are struggling in 13th place as they try to fight for a place in the playoffs and avoid missing the playoffs in two consecutive years.


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