Ja Morant

Memphis Grizzlies forward Ja Morant will not be charged with gun offences after police finished their investigations yesterday.

Ja Morant has missed the last two games of the Memphis Grizzlies since showing off a gun in his Instagram Live. The Grizzlies coach said that the forward will be out for the next four games as the NBA continues its investigations, and rumours say that he may face a bigger suspension should he be found guilty.

Yesterday, police finished off their investigations and announced that Ja Morant would not be charged for a gun-related offense. “Subsequently, no disturbances were reported, and no citizens or patrons of the club came forward to make a complaint.” “The investigation also concluded that no one was threatened or menaced with the firearm, and in fact no firearm was ever located,” read the statement.

The Memphis Grizzlies are yet to win a game since the incident happened during the game against the Denver Nuggets.


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